Integration and operation of post-combustion - DSpace@MITCoal-fired power plants with post combustion capture and sequestration (CCS) systems have a variety of challenges to integrate the steam generation, Future Carbon Regulations and Current Investments - DSpace@MITWe start by describing the economics of the two key coal-fired power plant technologies, PC and IGCC. We then analyze the potential costs of future carbon  

Carbon dioxide capture from coal-fired power plants - DSpace@MITInvestments in three coal-fired power generation technologies are valued using the "real options" valuation methodology in an uncertain carbon dioxide (CO2) Option valuation of flexible investments : the case of - DSpace@MITThe theory is applied here to an existing coal-fired power plant that is required to comply with the new SO2 emission limits introduced by the Clean Air Act 

Coal-fired open cycle magnetohydrodynamic power - DSpace@MITThis study is a review of projected emissions and energy efficiencies of coal-fired open cycle MHD power plants. Ideally one would like to develop 

Coal&39;s afterlives, Din (Energy) futures - DSpace@MITUpon the impending closure of the coal-fired San Juan Generating Station $163 million in tax revenues will be forfeited to the region, including the sizable Carbon dioxide capture by chemical absorption : a - DSpace@MITM.I.T. theses are protected by copyright. Simulations showed the energy penalty for CO capture from flue gas from coal-fired power plants to be 0.01572  Planning for coal power plant transition : lessons - DSpace@MITAs coal-fired power plants across the U.S. are retiring in increasing numbers - a trend likely to continue in the years ahead - the communities that host these