Science Topics - Terms, Concepts & Definitions | ScienceDirectThese pages provide concept definitions and subject overviews for researchers who want to expand their knowledge about scholarly and technical terms.Boiler - an overview | ScienceDirect TopicsStephen Hall, in Branan&39;s Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers (Fifth Edition), 2012. Introduction. Boilers are essentially shell-and-tube heat exchangers, with water being boiled to steam or transformed to high pressure hot water. Heat is generated by burning a fossil fuel; the combustion gas can be ducted around tubes containing the water (water-tube boiler), or the hot gas can pass inside

ScienceDirect Topics - ElsevierScienceDirect Topics creates an interactive, seamless and convenient reading experience by bringing comprehensive, credible and interdisciplinary knowledge when it is most needed in the research process. Topic pages on ScienceDirect are generated using innovative and automated technology for information extraction.ScienceDirect Topics: Your Path to Discovery | SciTech ConnectWith ScienceDirect Topics, researchers now have rapid access to the most relevant content – filtered to prevent information overload — right when and where they need it. With science becoming more interdisciplinary, the information you can now retrieve through topic pages provides the key contextual knowledge for you to make cognitive leaps Elsevier launches ScienceDirect Topics to help researchers Elsevier, the information analytics business specializing in science and health, today announces the launch of ScienceDirect Topics; a free layer of content which provides a quick snapshot of definitions, terms and excerpts on scientific topics, built on Elsevier’s highly trusted book content.. Research is becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary, requiring researchers and scientists to Excitement About Opiate - an overview - ScienceDirect TopicsExcitement About Opiate - an overview - ScienceDirect Topics You can likewise utilize short-acting opioids with a long-acting treatment as "rescue medicationThe Greatest Guide To Ketogenic Diet - an overview - There are numerous variations of the keto diet plan. The requirement (SKD) version is the most investigated and most sugg

Goldthread: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Overview Information Goldthread is a plant. It is native to China and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The underground stem (rhizome) is used to make medicine.Malignant hyperthermia - Symptoms and causes - Mayo ClinicOverview. Malignant hyperthermia is a severe reaction to certain drugs used for anesthesia. This severe reaction typically includes a dangerously high body temperature, rigid muscles or spasms, a rapid heart rate, and other symptoms.